A Colourful Bouquet of Logistics Services

Welcome onto the homepage of Spedition Convent (Convent Forwarding Agency). We are pleased that you are visiting us and hope that you will quickly find the information you are looking for.
No, we do not transport flowers, but we are passionate about flowering plants, which are to be found everywhere in our company. Flowers are more than just beautiful plants. Their special features and characteristics are unique, ensuring their continued existence and that of those who make use of them. Even if our business has little to do with beauty and nothing to do with pleasant fragrances, the features which are typical of our company are nevertheless very similar. That is why our homepage is full of flowers.
Customer relationships always begin as tender buds. Furthermore, they require particular attention when they are in full bloom. Our customers appreciate a logistics partner who saves them money by offering the correct solution at the right time. They would like to have direct customer care and short decision-making channels, because only in this manner is it possible to provide a creative, flexible and, above all, individual service. These are our special strengths. We combine professional services with social skills and turn this corporate culture into a genuine additional benefit for you. We hope you look forward to receiving your individual bouquet of logistics services. You will be enchanted by their fragrance.

Our Logistics Services

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