GMP Transport and Logistics: Feed transport, refilling and storage with GMP+ certificate

For the safety of feed material transport, refilling and storage we go deep into the material. Therefore, we are not only GMP+- certified. The GMP+-concept is based on the HACCP-standard, but Convent goes beyond that. We offer our services, our flexibility and our high quality demands with an experience of 75 years. We create logistical solutions, appreciably cost reductions by reliability and low loss ratios.

We offer

  • feed import
  • customs clearance
  • inspection of incoming goods
  • sample-taking
  • storage of feed material
  • feed refilling
  • feed gmp transport

To fulfil these demands, our logistics centre is ideally situated between seaports and our customers. Due to our convenient central location at the Lower Rhine area with immediate access to German motorways and to the Netherlands, the flow of goods with our GMP transports is short and environmentally friendly. We deal with the processing of import transactions and customs clearance at the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as the inland shipping to our container port in Emmerich am Rhein.

Appropriate storage and a hygienically and efficient way of refilling from bags and big bags are vivid parts of the supply chain of our customers. With the capacity of three refilling facilities we support these parts of the supply chain and provide the transport in a dry bulk silo to consignee - of course, GMP+--certified and logistically optimised. We shorten ways with GMP transport. You can rely on that.

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