On-time truck transports with our own fleet

A direct connection is eminent to our customers. Therefore, Convent takes the direct route. As a distribution logistics company, we emphasize on quality, safety and punctuality. Furthermore, our transports are carried out according to the HACCP-standard. Our fleet for direct shipments currently consists of 25 GPS-monitored truck, containing

  • trucks with flexible swap bodies
  • tilt-trailer
  • mega trailer
  • silo trailer
  • temperature-controlled bodies

Every truck is equipped with mobile telecommunication. so that the current status of your consignment can be traced at any time. The fleet itself consists of new and nearly new vehicle whose mobility is guaranteed by our own garage.

This modern technology is, furthermore, environmentally friendly which is not only important to us, but to our customers either. Our customers not only convice through punctual deliveries. Through the tidy appearance of our trucks they leave a good impression as well. The safety of our transported goods is in the hands of our well-qualified staff, especially in those of our professional drivers.

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