The straight way

 The straight way | Convent Spedition GmbH

As a family-run, mediumsized company, we offer reliable and efficient logistics solutions for many well-known global players in the chemical industry. Individual service and fast response are as important to us as flexibility. We have our own fleet of trucks and warehouses.

Constant development > The straight way | Convent Spedition GmbH

Our new warehouse- and transport managementsystems have interfaces to SAP,IFS and other EFS-systems, for fast and clear information.

Particular solutions

Our own IT-department can provide easy and quick adaptation to your interface. You can send orders by EDI. All trucks are equipped with GPS. All warehouses have Wifi and scanners to provide status messages. Customs clearance will be transferred to the Authorities by ATLAS.

Substainability > The straight way | Convent Spedition GmbH

With conviction

Longterm know-how for sustainable logistics solutions. Enviromentally friendly and on time. Our fleet is state-of-the-art. Thanks to just a short discatance to the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp we can transport all containers by barge. All fork-lifts are run electronically. Currently we are building a photovoltaic system to supply our forklifts with green energy. We want to reduce our carbon footprint constantly. Unsere Mitarbeiter engagieren sich hierfür in Ihrer Freizeit.

Continious development > The straight way | Convent Spedition GmbH

… is the positive result of the way that we go together with our employees, customers and partners since more than 80 years.

Our new extensive warehouse with 20.000 sqm enables us to provide even more capacity and flexibility.

Quality > The straight way | Convent Spedition GmbH

We are working on a high, qualified-certified level and are really proud of this. It’s not just our philosophy, but we also live it. Our extremely low loss ratio as well as our close contacts to satisfied customers are proving it every day.